In Him we live and move and have our being…

Ryan Troyer

Ryan has been a church goer from as far as he can remember, but life changed when he encountered Jesus for himself.

Ryan is a worshiper; and that goes beyond music and singing. Worship starts when our lives become a life of worship. He has being walking this out and searching for more of the Father’s heart on his journeys as a Son of God

Psalm 34:1 (MSG) “I bless the lord every chance I get, my lungs expand with his praise.” This verse has challenged and propelled Ryan forward on his journey as a worshiper and lead worshiper. By leaving space for Holy Spirit to move, the presence of God exhales his goodness every time a breathe is taken.

Ryan’s heart is to equip and send out worshipers.  Equipping individuals in the Kingdom as well as those looking for a home with the Spiritual and practical weapons to see the Glory of God manifest in everyday life.