In Him we live and move and have our being…

No one is too young to experience the works of Jesus and learn to serve Him!

We use the Large Group/Small Group format. Worship time includes the Bible story lesson presented in interactive ways through song, drama, puppets, videos, Key Bible verses, life applications and more. Application time includes games, crafts, Bible exploration, reviews, Bible memorization and Dramatic play



Toddlers are presented with a brief Bible Story Lesson, music, snack and free play time.

Preschool KMZ

Our goal is to teach the stories of the Bible and Jesus’ love for each child.

Bible Story Lesson is presented in creative ways, including stories from Bible, music, crafts, snack, and a variety of fun activities, then kids build relationship skills during free play time.

Elementary KMZ

Our goal is to move kids to find practical ways to apply God’s truths to their every day life, building friendships with God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and with each other and finding their place in the church body and beyond. We are currently studying Proverbs and learning to transform our daily lives to reflect Jesus and honor God…a “metamorphosis!”